Young Alpha Female of Amber Troop, Soon? April’s Family

April’s family, She tries for Young Alpha Female of Amber Troop at Angkor Thom:

April, a Long Tailed Macaque, is the daughter of Alpha Female Daisy of Amber Troop, at Angkor Thom.

April had 4 babies

1 Rain (boy)

2 Spring (girl)

3 Alex (girl)

4 Asia (girl)

5 Anya (girl) 11/30/2020

April is ambitious! She has been trying to take over Alpha position from her mother, Daisy, in a series of bloody fights, since January of 2019!

Taking over the throne…

…is not as easy as she thought! I wish we could read their little monkey minds, in order to know exactly why things happen, as they do. As it stands, we can’t, so no one knows exactly what motivates April to fight her mother, Daisy, in bloody battles for over a year, now! She is determined to seize the throne, and become the young Alpha female of Amber Troop. Perhaps she thought Daisy was too lenient, and allowed rank violations. Perhaps she was tired of being disciplined, and decided to fight back. Nobody knows her thoughts, but we do know that Daisy is a lenient alpha…perhaps it rankles April. We will never know why. However, the Angkor Cameramen have been able to document the ongoing battles between the two.

The First Fight

It was surprising, in that it was so unexpected. The female monkeys of Amber Troop were sitting on some rocks, grooming each other, and their offspring, like they do, every day. Just another day, right up until there was sudden chaos in their midst! Daisy and April were locked together, biting, clawing, and rolling.  Completely silent! Neither made a sound, and when they broke apart, Daisy had a bloody wound over her right eye, where April bit into her flesh, and hung on! April ran a short distance away, as did Daisy. Daisy cleaned her wounds, as did April.

The other fights have occurred pretty regularly, since then. April has had more and more wounds, after that first battle, and Daisy has, as well. They still scuffle. April really wants to become the young Alpha Female of Amber Troop!

Their relationship, today

Daisy remains angry with April. April is determined to overthrow her! Daisy ignores her daughter, and her grandchildren when they are with their mother. They no longer sit together, or walk together. Perhaps, one day, the wannabe young Alpha female April will make amends, but it isn’t looking good for their relationship…time heals all wounds, they say, for humans, but is it the same, with monkeys?

Written by Cindy


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