Best mother not yet weaning offspring even if the year new baby come

Best mother not yet weaning offspring even if the year new baby come

The life of the monkey are much love and tolerance as human does too and some are used violet to weaning their baby then they feel pity for the baby monkey later. But some mother they really love their babies and don’t do even raise up hand to fighting their babies. For the weaning age of the baby monkey some mothers they start really early but normally is around 7 to 8 moths. But some mothers less or some can be more than a years. And some of mother still feeding baby even new baby is born and still feeding both of them. So the weaning time is bad time for mother and baby monkey, some mother really want to hearing their babies cry. There are many mothers monkey who very pity their babies and still feed them a milk even if their age is over.

Here we have some monkeys that still feeding their baby more than a year.

1 – Popeye had many babies and she still feeding them more than a years for baby monkey Olive and Sweetpea, for baby Polly and Polino if the mother still alive I guess she will did the same to them. She is very best mother and so warm heart to their baby and much tolerance mother even if she is lower ranking than many monkey but she teaching the way how to protect her baby so well. EX : Sweetpea no other monkey can hurt him from fighting because all males mostly are like him as brother or father in law. when some monkey bully him and just start his sound out big monkey with come to help.

2 – Merry had many babies and she take care them very well, even if she a handicap mother but she don’t want to hear her kid cry in front her because of milk time. Every one especially camera man always admired her is great mother ever. All her baby is fat every time when Amber group chasing her group she always holding her baby walking so many kilometers even if she a handicap mother and also her baby is big than a years.

3 – Jane is the great mother ever, she had many baby and she taking care them very well but all of her are always bad luck in their life, all the babies always had problem in their life, the first baby that I met just born and other monkey bite died that day, then Tarzanna was separate from mother during pregnant, Janet was bite and  trap by poacher rescue on time and got accident to dead, Janna was bite by big monkey lost haft body but rescue and heal, And Jody fall from high try during Spring kidnapped just unconsous for a few minute. And Jane is great mother she feeding her baby mother than a year or feeding two baby the same time. She want to weaning baby but don’t want baby cry.

4 – Aliza had one baby monkey named Kiko and she feeding her baby more than a year. Her son now still live in Carbzilla group but she now more to live with the jungle group with new king Krabby but now Krabby come to live in Carbzilla group and she don’t come back to in her old group with her son.

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