Birth Announcements, Angkor Archaeological Park! 2020-2021

   Birth Announcements, at Angkor Archaeological Park!

It’s Baby Season once again, at Angkor Archaeological Park! Several of our expectant mothers have given birth to fine, healthy babies! They are very cute, as well!

The List:     

Amber Troop, at Angkor Thom, in Angkor Archaeological Park, welcomes three new additions! Several more expectant mothers will have new little furry, cute little monkeys, and we cant wait to welcome them!

First of the three, Jade gave birth to her daughter, Jinx, on 10/02/2020. Jinx is both precious, and precocious! She is playful, and Jade is actually being much more tolerant of Jinx’s behavior, than she was with Amber, or Julina.

Amber Troop also welcomes Jane’s new son, Jody, on 11/27/20. Jody breaks Jane’s long streak of girls. He is a healthy, active little baby monkey! He wanted to play with the bigger kids right off. 


The Amber Troop Alpha female’s daughter, April, gave birth to Anya, another little girl monkey, on 11/30/2020. She is adorable, and so strong! She was walking away from her mother, to her sister, while she still had her cord! A veritable monkey prodigy!

UPDATE! Amber Troop Alpha Daisy gave birth to a lovely baby boy named Dito, on 12/20/20. He is very cute, and fuzzy!  His hair stands straight out from his head, ears, and arms.

Also at Angkor Thom, in Amari Troop, the Alpha female’s sister, and Beta, Jill, gave birth to her third baby, a boy named Jason. on 12/10/2020. He is every bit as cute as his mother!

UPDATE! In Titus Troop, at Angkor Thom, female Alpha Anna has given birth, to a healthy girl monkey, on 12/14/20! The baby’s name is Sandy.

There are many more birth announcements to come, this baby season, in Angkor Archaeological Park, and we hope they each are healthy, and are kept safe from danger!

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