June 2020: CWFPCO Participates With Our Community to Clean Plastic Litter From Tonle Sap Lake

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CWFPCO Participates With Our Community to Clean Plastic Litter From Tonle Sap Lake During Drought Season; Good for the Environment!

No More Plastic, and the Lake gets a clean start, from our work!

Experiments show that plastic litter causes damage to aquatic creatures; fish as well as turtles and birds. The creatures mistake the plastic for food, and eat it. Animals cannot digest plastic litter, so it blocks digestive tracts, diminishes the urge to eat, and alters feeding behavior, all of which reduce growth and reproductive output. Their stomachs stuffed with plastic, some species starve and die.

Today CWFPCO joined with our community, to clean plastic litter from one district on Tonle Sap Lake at Jong Kneas.  We were very happy to see members of our community come to join in on cleaning our environment. The weather was beautiful, and it was good, because more help showed up!

Because of the drought season, the water levels on Tonle Sap Lake are very low, and it was a great time for conservation efforts. Plastic litter was cleaned up, and hauled off, with the community’s help. This protects our fisheries and aquatic wildlife, that often are hurt or killed from getting tangled in plastic, or from eating the plastic, that they mistake for food. Cleaning plastic litter with our community members gives them (and us) a feeling of accomplishment, and boosts interest in having a clean, healthy environment for animals, fish, birds, and people. We hope to keep the conservation momentum going.  With your help, and donations, conservation efforts through CWFPCO can continue!

Written by Sochhun/Cindy