The Story of Popeye and the Disappearance of Kari: Amari Troop at Angkor Thom

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The Story of Popeye, and the disappearance of Kari: Amari Troop at Angkor Thom

The morning of January 3, 2020, a lot of monkey fans were crushed to discover that our beloved Popeye was dead, and Kari was missing. Immediately following the breaking news photos surfaced of Popeye’s body, spreading like wildfire throughout the monkey community! The question on everyone’s mind; is this poor dead monkey Popeye, or not? Nobody wanted to believe our Popeye was dead!

The Investigation

Mr. Sochhun spent the day investigating, examining the photos, comparing ear shapes, and coat coloring shown in pictures of Popeye, alive, to the pictures of the dead monkey. There was not a clear view of the dead monkey’s left eye (Popeye’s was missing, it’s how she got her name). He examined the pictures of the dead monkey’s wounds, which were consistent with being attacked by a large male macaque. The injuries were on her ribcage, and neck…there were very deep puncture wounds, that showed the manner of her death.

After that examination, Sochhun tried to find the person who took the pictures. He then found and talked to the man who discovered Popeye’s body, and buried her. Sochhun said that the cameramen present, during the event, heard lots of screams coming from the forest, after Amber Troop monkeys chased poor Kari and Popeye into the jungle. Some said it was dogs that killed Popeye, but Mr. Sochhun says that he asked the people who were there at the time of the chase, fight, and subsequent death/disappearance, and they said they heard no dogs barking, but heard only the screams, growls, branches falling, and trees shaking…the sounds they knew well. The sounds of monkeys fighting.

The Conclusion

Mr. Sochhun said he is certain that monkeys in the jungle attacked Popeye, because she was pregnant, and not a member of their troop. Kari, most likely, was fighting at her side. They saw Popeye as a threat to their troop, and territory, and they attacked to kill. The puncture wounds on her body showed that. Mr. Sochhun said he is sad now, especially, because we lost two beloved members of Amari Troop. “I cannot find Kari. I am thinking she is in [the] jungle…but when [my companions] heard they told me like, I am so exhausted, and tried to walk away. But, need to find Kari!’ She is a very small monkey, in a very big jungle. In hot, humid conditions, a body Kari’s size would be gone in 2 or 3 days. The death of Popeye, and the disappearance of Kari, will always be wrapped in mystery.

To this day, Kari is still missing, assumed to be dead.

The photos still have not been authenticated. However, Popeye went into the jungle, fought, and never came out, alive, to rejoin her troop.

Popeye died, and Kari went missing, January 3, 2020. This is the reality of it all. Rest in peace, Popeye and Kari.

Written by Anne R.

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