Diamond’s Family: Amber Troop at Angkor Thom

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Diamond’s family, Amber Troop at Angkor Thom:

Diamond, a Long Tailed Macaque, and member of  Amber Troop, was killed by dogs, this year. She left a large family…many babies in Amber Troop, before she passed away. Diamond was a very brave monkey, always fighting with dogs to keep her family, and troop, safe.

Diamond had 5 babies:

1 Romeo (boy)

2 Amy (girl)

3 Nanda (girl)

4 David (boy)

5 Dustin (boy)

Diamond’s Bravery

Diamond was a beautiful monkey, with large, dark eyes, a silvery coat, and smooth skin. She disliked dogs immensely, like most wild monkeys. Unlike most wild monkeys, however, she would stay behind and fight the feral dogs, while the troop youngsters all scurried up trees. Only then, would she make her escape! The dogs caught poor Diamond, the first time, around 9 months ago, and roughed her up, before she could escape! She got away, and up a tree, out of their reach, and all of the babies, and Diamond’s family, were safe.

Diamond’s Family Left Orphans, Piper Helps Dustin

However, she was not so lucky, this year, and was ravaged by them, and killed. Poor Dustin was just a baby, and still very dependent on his mother. A juvenile female named Piper helps him, like a big sister would, and he follows her around, as she teaches him to forage. She grooms him, as well. The life of an orphaned baby monkey is difficult, at best. I am glad he has Piper to help him, since his mother is gone.

Written by Cindy Clark


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