Incredible Thing Happen To Small Monkeys That Mother Don’t Know How To Help

Incredible Thing Happen To Small Monkeys That Mother Don’t Know How To Help

If we talking about monkey it like sometime that can make us smile because of talent and wondering, most of monkeys they learning every things from looking the other monkeys doing especial when they see their relative doing or eating sometime they looking and smell then they will doing imitate them. But sometime they had mistake of doing it after they eat into their mouth. They will know this food it not good for them, some of them just smell of it they will knew this food it not for them to eat. Today we will talking about food pouch loaded of monkeys. You know why monkey keep food pouch loaded. This case for the king they rarely doing this because he is king or the strong monkey in the group not scare of some monkey come to take his food, if the king keep food in pouch load in urgent case only such as strong people close, need go to sleep on the tree or need go to relax some where else. But mostly is lower ranking always keep food pouch load because don’t want other monkey come to bully taking it out. Some monkeys did it wrong because of they don’t know how big food pouch is it?  so when they put food it and stuck it can take it out or put hard thing that can not melt.

1 –  Janet was stuck in can because she though in the can may be have some food and when she put her head in can not take head off. And monkey David is heal her to take it out.

2- Spring was stuck with food in her mouth during she put hard food not easy to melt out in her food pouch loaded when she taking it out and it doesn’t work,  until melt her flesh out and heal it later.

3 – Jinx was stuck with seed of longan that mother eat and drop seed when baby Jinx saw mother eat and she took the seed that drop nearby to put in her small food pouch load then can not move it out. When Camera men saw it and Jinx can not move so many days and scare of being the same to Spring that melt flesh of food pouch load they try to help, then group of monkey fighting and bite that camera man during mission. Thank you Mr Moa for helping Jinx.

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