Jade’s Bald Family: Alopecia in Macaques, Amber Troop

Jade’s bald family;  Alopecia in Macaques, Amber Troop:

Jade’s bald family is legendary, in the monkey community! Alopecia in Macaques is a “thing,” but rare in Crab-eating Macaques…Jade is a mother Crab-Eating Macaque, who passes down Alopecia to her long tailed (Crab-Eating) macaque babies. When they reach the age of 4 months, their hair on top of their head, and in various places on their back and tail, falls out! It is very easy to pick her babies out, in a crowd of baby monkeys!

Jade had 6 babies:

1 Rosa (girl)

2 Abe (Boy)

3 Amber (girl)

4 Micah (boy)

5 Julina (girl)

6 Jinx (girl) Born October 2, 2020

Jade is a mother monkey who is very strict with her babies. She abuses them sometimes. She is also a hair puller, but alopecia is definitely present, as well. Jade’s bald family is known, worldwide!

Alopecia in Macaques

The inheritance pattern of alopecia is not clear, because both genetic and environmental factors can alter the outcome. So, the risk of developing Alopecia is greater for first-degree relatives (such as siblings or offspring) of affected monkeys, than it is in the general population of troop members. There are studies conducted regarding alopecia in three species of macaques, including Long Tailed Macaques (M. fascicularis…also known as the “Crab Eating Macaque”). Jade’s bald family are Crab Eating Macaques, though studies on Jade’s species are few.

There aren’t many studies regarding alopecia in Long Tailed Macaques, because it is so rare, in this species. The study shows that there is sometimes “hair pulling” behavior associated with alopecia, but not every macaque that had alopecia was also a hair puller, and not every macaque that showed hair pulling behavior, had alopecia. It is far more common in Rhesus Macaques.

Jade’s bald family, of Amber Troop at Angkor Thom, are certainly easy to pick out, because of the alopecia!

Written by Cindy Clark


The story of Abe:

Handsome monkey Abe was Jade’s son. He was born sometime around November of 2014.
When Sochhun first started filming the monkeys in Amber troop, he started out with Jade’s son Abe. Then Sochhun moved to Thailand shortly afterward. Upon his return to Siem Reap, he started filming Amber, Jade’s daughter, who was born December 2016.
Currently Abe is not in the troop. His whereabouts are unknown. The last sighting of Abe was in September 2016.
Written by Anne R.


Juliana is still with Amber Troop.

Amber disappeared, probably poached.

Micah disappeared, probably poached.

Rosa died in childbirth.


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