Jane’s Family: Amber Troop at Angkor Thom

Jane’s family, Amber Troop of Angkor Thom:

Jane is a very good mother monkey! She takes good care of her daughters! They have been unlucky, except Tarzanna.

Jane’s babies

1 Tarzanna, girl

2 Janet, girl (deceased, traffic accident)

3 Janna, girl

4 Jody, boy

Jane’s family, in Amber Troop at Angkor Thom, are often the focus of viewers, because of their incredibly bad luck (and Janet’s antics)!  Tarzanna, the eldest daughter, is the only daughter of Jane’s that hasn’t been wounded badly, by a male.

Tarzanna was born in 2017. Viewers joked about Tarzanna being the “gold standard” of baby LTMs, because she was so big and precocious! She was trying to hop and jump before she was a week old!  Jane had a hard time keeping up with her!

Bad luck:

Janet was the next baby added to Jane’s family.  An adult male attacked her, when she was just an infant, injuring her badly! It was probably related to mating with her mother. These monkeys have an amazing ability to heal, and she did, completely!

Months later, Jane was crying, and looking at the woods. They didn’t see Janet, so they went into the forest behind Jane, and found Janet, tied up in a poacher’s sack! The poacher had already cut Janet’s hands loose. The next day, they were severely swollen, and black! She couldn’t use them!  They quickly caught her, and treated her hands…she only lost one finger. Her hands function normally, thanks to the efforts of the CWFPCO.

Janna, the youngest, also was attacked by a male! She was taken, and her injuries treated. She has a hump on her back where the male’s teeth sank in, but she can run and climb. Her left hind leg was so severely injured, she couldn’t move it! However, she is starting to use it, again!

Janet is jealous of her little sister, and sneaky-hurts her. Jane and Tarzanna try to keep Janet in line!

UPDATE: Jane gave birth to a boy, 11/27/2020

Written by Cindy


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