King Donald Saved Me From Brutus and Achap!

King Donald saved me from Brutus and Achap! He is a very good monkey, and the real father of Sweetpea! Amari Troop at Angkor Thom

Donald is the first Monkey King I met in the Amari Troop. He was very good to me. Sometimes I ate lotus with him…he knew I kept it in a plastic bag, or in my pocket. Sometimes we groomed him, too. One day, when Donald was sitting next to me eating lotus, Brutus was on the other side, and he didn’t see King Donald, next to me. Brutus and Achap came near, and were threatening to fight me, to show their power. When I stood up, Donald saw them running toward us; King Donald saved me! He opened his mouth wide, giving the warning face, to stop them. Brutus and Achap stopped, and left.

Donald was a good King

A short time later, King Donald got very sick, and would not eat food for about a month. He disappeared…we could not find him, anywhere. From that day, Brutus became Amari Troop’s King after Donald, the real father of World Famous Sweetpea, left the troop for good. I will always remember how King Donald saved me!


Written by Sochhun

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