Northern Pigtail Macaques: Newly Released Pets at Angkor Thom, Amber Troop Hopefuls

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Northern Pigtail Macaques: Newly Released Pets at Angkor Thom,

Amber Troop Hopefuls           Bonita

Two very young Northern Pigtail Macaques, a female, and then a male, have been dropped off by their “owners” in the past week. Sovannah is the female’s name, now. The male is called Torres.

Sovannah    Sovannah

Sovannah is a very cute little female Northern Pigtail Macaque, around 4 or 5 months old (estimated), who was dropped off a number of days past. She exhibits signs of emotional distress. Sovannah strokes herself with her back legs, when needing comfort. She cries out with fear, frequently. The other monkeys terrify her. She has now imprinted on Mr. Lin, a local temple resident. This poor little monkey is exhibiting separation anxiety, every time he tries to walk away. She screams and runs to him, clutching onto his leg. From the beginning, she was burying her face in his leg, or side, and screaming in fear, every time a monkey approached.

Amber Troop Acceptance     

Amber Troop monkeys have come up to sniff her, or take some food from Mr. Lin, and sit there to eat it. This was a cause of panic, at first. She is still very afraid, and cries, but doesn’t panic, unless Bonita, an adult Northern Pigtail Macaque, grabs her and tries to run away with her…Bonita is very good about adopting released Northern Pigtail macaques. Sovannah screams and struggles free from Bonita, running right back to Mr. Lin. Grandma Teresa (Eldest Northern Pigtail, and Queen of the pigtails in Amber Troop), has also shown interest. Teresa is very gentle, and patient, not grabbing Sovannah, but touching her gently. She will stay for a bit, but then meanders on, after Sovannah rebuffs her efforts. Sovannah is showing some signs of reduced fear, lately, but still is too afraid to trust the monkeys. Bonita or Teresa will adopt her, if she can overcome her fear.


Torres is a young Northern Pigtail Macaque that was released into Angkor Thom, at the temple, by his “owner.” He is approximately the same age as Sovannah. They were born in the same season. Torres is fearful, but is not quite as afraid of the other monkeys…he ran right up a tree to Bonita, did a quick submission lip smack, then proceeded to flop onto very leafy branches, trying to get back to his “owner.” 

Amber Troop Acceptance   

It remains to be seen.  He appears slightly less traumatized than his female counterpart. We remain hopeful. A male Northern Pigtail Macaque would mean the future patter of little full-blooded Northern Pigtail feet in Amber Troop! We will keep you informed with future updates!

Written by Cindy C.

UPDATE: Poor baby monkey Torres has already disappeared. He went into the jungle with the troop, on September 16, but has not come back out.

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