Rose’s Family: Amber Troop at Angkor Thom

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          Rose’s Family: Amber Troop at Angkor Thom               

Abandoned pet Rose, who was adopted by Bonita’s family, and accepted into Amber Troop, has had her baby! On June 29, 2020, He arrived! He is a cute, tiny hybrid monkey, named Rex! Rex means King, and I am sure he will one day be King of his own troop! What a great start! Rose’s family is growing!  

Rex and mother Rose

Rex is a beautiful hybrid baby boy! His crown is parted and flat, like his mother’s, and his tail is shorter than a pure Long Tailed Macaque. He has longer hands and feet, much like a pigtail, and he loves to hang upside down! The first time he did it, when mommy Rose was sleeping on a branch, we all feared he would fall! She had a firm grip on him, though, and he has done it multiple times, now, in his first week of life, so we are more relaxed about it. Some of us have jokingly said he looks like a bat, hanging upside down, like a bat! We have jokingly called him Batman! I guess Bat Boy would be more accurate!

Since Bonita is the pigtail who “adopted” Rose, she obviously looks at Bonita as a mother figure. She took baby Rex right to Bonita, and allowed her to examine him, and groom him. Bonita is the only monkey that Rose has trusted enough to be close to baby Rex.

I was hoping that Grandma Teresa would check him out, and love him, but she has not, so far. She has so many grandbabies, they keep her busy. Perhaps when Rex is bigger, and strong enough to run and play, she will warm up to him.

I personally hope she will have a healthy little girl, one day, too! Rose’s family will grow, with more beautiful hybrid babies.

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