Sweet Baby Brittany’s Story: Carbzilla Troop at Angkor Wat

  Sweet Baby Brittany’s Story: Carbzilla Troop at Angkor Wat

On June 5th. 2020, just outside the entrance to beautiful and majestic Angkor Wat, the long anticipated birth of sweet baby Brittany to mom Brinn, finally occurred! We watched, as the sun rose over Angkor Wat. Carbzilla troop welcomed the tiny miracle of Sweet baby Brittany, with her pink nose and beautiful face! One at a time, the members of Carbzilla troop approached to see their newest member, perhaps marveling just as we do, at the miracle of new life.

Brittany was an immediate favorite of viewers around the world, who were eager to see Brinn have another baby, after the tragic loss of baby Bree to Vietnamese wildlife traffickers the year before. Brinn too seemed inordinately pleased with her new bundle of joy, and she treated Brittany with gentle, loving care. From home, viewers around the world made comment that Brinn seemed to have changed into a better mother, one who loved and protected her second child, more than she had done with the first.

Mother Brinn remained a vigilant protector of sweet baby Brittany as she learned to take her first steps, never moving farther than the length of moms hold on her tail would allow. Brinn’s watchfulness was not without reason. Brittany was the center of attention for higher ranked females of the troop, waiting expectantly to kidnap her, if any chance presented itself.

Vigilant guarding aside, Brittany was abducted by both Amara and Tara, who returned her to Brinn hungry, but otherwise unharmed. Abductions were rare for Brittany. She was closely watched by mom Brinn at all times, even as she hopped, and then began climbing trees. With thousands of followers, sweet baby Brittany was becoming a YouTube star!

Tragedy Strikes Again…

Early in the morning, on July 25th, the Cameramen arrived. Brinn and Brittany  were badly wounded. They had sustained puncture wounds, and lacerations. Their injuries were consistent with the attack of either a dog or a larger monkey. Heartbroken, viewers worldwide waited, hands tied. Brinn and Brittany fought for survival over the next several days. The Angkor Conservationist Cameramen were unable to arrange proper care for the two monkeys, in time to save Brittany’s life. Sweet baby Brittany’s suffering ended on July 30th, 2020. She succumbed to her injuries, and infection.

Infection was raging in Brinn’s wounds, as well. They had a foul odor and weren’t healing. A local NGO rescued her and took her for treatment.

Seldom does a tiny creature such as sweet baby Brittany touch the hearts of so many people! Comments continue to pour in, on the YouTube videos featuring the pair, because so many viewers loved Brittany. Devoted fans miss sweet baby Brittany. Even now, we look for meaning in the loss of one of Gods most innocent and beautiful creatures. There are no easy answers, but there is hope for the future. With your help, we can one establish proper veterinary care for the temple monkeys of Angkor Wat. Sweet baby Brittany is the catalyst that can bring about change for all of the monkeys living in Siem Reap.

Be the change! Support the devoted Cameramen whose hearts weep for Sweet baby Brittany. You can help all of the monkeys who live in our hearts. We can realize the goal of adequate veterinary care. CWFPCO needs your help, to realize this goal.

Written by Lorry Kaller

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