Sweetpea is Looking for Joey and Drew! June 2020

World-Famous Sweetpea is Looking for Joey and Drew! Sweetpea Misses Them So Much!

Sweet Pea, an Amari Troop Long Tailed Macaque, is really missing his old playmates, these days. Sweet Pea is looking for Joey and Drew, who have struck out on their own, leaving their natal troop, as male macaques do.

The History of Sweetpea and His Friends

Sweet Pea and Joey were born in the same season, and grew up together. They became the best of friends! Joey’s older brother Drew, and Sweet Pea, were more like frienemies! Sweet Pea would get mad at Drew for hogging the food, and he would try to get him into trouble, by squealing and tattling on Drew! (Sweet Pea is quite entertaining, and also a fan favorite!) But, Sweet Pea is looking for Joey AND Drew, because Joey and Drew are brothers. When male macaques leave their natal troop, brothers often leave together. Joey and Drew’s mother, Merry, was poached last year, so Joey, as an orphan, left earlier than usual…don’t worry, he will be fine, with brother Drew!

Male Long Tailed Macaques

The male baby monkeys, and juveniles, form a group within the troop, that many refer to as “Playboys.” The mothers will sit together, lip smack, groom, and let their babies play together. As the babies grow, they venture farther and farther out from mom. When they are weaned, the males spend most of their days, roaming and playing together. When they are around 3 or 4 years of age, they leave their natal troop (the troop they were born into), and strike out to find a troop where they can win the right to breed. Many times they migrate over to neighboring troops, the first time they change. They will continue to change troops, every 2 or 3 years. Brothers often leave together.

Sweet Pea is looking for Joey and Drew, but I have a feeling they will see each other again. Rest Easy, World-Famous Sweet Pea!

Written by Cindy Clark

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