The Best Monkey Life Documentary Videos on YouTube!

The best monkey life documentary videos on YouTube! Videos that show us, first-hand, the Long Tailed Macaques, and Northern Pigtail Macaques at Angkor Archaeological Park, in Siem Reap, Cambodia.

Would you like to see why there are sayings such as, “a monkey on your back,” or “monkey business,” or  “just monkeying around?” The roots to those lie in observing macaque behaviors, and/or troop movement, from day to day. We can watch these interactions because of videos posted by the Angkor cameramen, on YouTube! (Have you ever seen a baby macaque cling to an aggravated adult’s back, so high between their shoulder blades, where they can’t reach them? It becomes crystal clear, and in a most amusing way, where the saying, “monkey on your back” came from!)

Monkeys are so much like humans, in some ways. They all have very distinct personalities, so they can sometimes clash. They are smart, and can communicate, because they have their own “language.” They also have a social structure, with politics, and drama! The Angkor cameramen document all of it daily, in Angkor Archaeological Park.

Real-life animal rescue, and release.

Sometimes wild monkeys and other wild animals get into trouble, because humans have encroached into their territory.  Confrontations, injuries and damage can result.  The best monkey life documentary videos on YouTube, done by the team, show such daily interactions. They document troop problems and issues, and document solutions to these situations. Some wild animals must be rescued, relocated, and released back into the wild. The same goes for animals that get injured, and need rescuing. They are released after their injuries heal, and they can once again live free in the park, or jungle.

How can you help?

Donations help toward treatment of sick and injured animals, the transport and release, and the team’s sweeps of the jungle around the park, tearing down traps and snares, and destroying them. The monkey life documentary videos done by the volunteers and staff at CWFPCO show the monkey’s lives and interactions, every day.

Written by Cindy Clark

  This video shows a hawk rescue, and baby monkey Janna’s life:

Baby monkey Janna’s reunion with her mother: 

Report of monkeys lost in a year, and rescue of Daniel:

Queen wants to Reject Valentin because of hatred for his  father:

Mrs. Sok was such a cute monkey, who liked to take care of human babies:

Thank you so much for watching the videos.

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