The Story of Baby Monkey Janna

baby janna today           Baby Monkey Janna

Baby monkey Janna is the third daughter of Jane. She was born November 7, 2019. Janna was such a good baby. Despite all the sibling rivalry from her big sister Janet, baby Janna never complained. She was growing up! Thriving under her mother’s care, running around playing with all the other babies, and doing what little monkeys do…until March 4, 2020, when tragedy struck Jane’s family, once again.

Janna Jane Janet                    Lightning strikes twice.

Baby Monkey Janna got attacked by a male monkey! How can lighting strike twice, for one family?

About year and a half ago, big sister Janet was bitten as a baby, with similar injuries. However, the wounds were horrific for Janna! She was slashed across her backbone, and her left leg was sliced open on her inner thigh. Everyone was shocked at her appearance.

Although the monkeys kept trying to clean her wound, they only made it worse by digging into it, causing it to become a big gaping open wound. On top of that, Janna’s left leg was useless, and her right leg had minimal use, so she could barely hang on to her mother. Baby Janna had no way to defend herself, or climb a tree to escape danger! Something had to be done to rescue injured baby Janna.

The Rescue of Baby Monkey Janna.

Therefore, APSARA was notified, and they gave permission for baby monkey Janna to be taken to a pagoda at Angkor Park, to be cared for. On March 13, 2020, Janna was rescued. A lot of the Angkor cameramen dedicated their free time, to take turns caring for her, staying with her overnight, changing her bandages, and feeding her. Then a nice young lady came along, and agreed to look after baby monkey Janna, until she was healed enough to be released back to her mother.

Baby Monkey Janna’s prognosis was grim. She had totally lost the use of both legs, and people feared that she would be paralyzed forever. But this young lady that cared for baby Janna, was determined that she would regain the use of her legs. She never gave up the fight to help heal her. Not long after rescue and proper care, baby Janna started to move her tail, then her right leg.She was using it more and more. Janna was on her way to recovery! Her wounds were healing beautifully.

The Release of Baby Monkey Janna. 

On April 29, 2020,  Janna had healed enough to be taken back to her mother. But it was not a joyous reunion. Jane rejected baby Janna, biting her, and pushing her away! She was abandoning her, up in a tree! Then, something miraculous happened! Sister Janet came and sat with her little sister in the tree, crying and calling for Jane to come back and retrieve her. After a few minutes, Jane did come back, picked baby monkey Janna up, and has cared for her ever since.

Baby Monkey Janna, today.

Today, Janna has regained the use of both of her legs, and is walking, jumping, and climbing trees! Most of all just being a monkey. This is a testament to how resilient these monkeys are, with their healing abilities, and a sharing of love that may go far beyond our comprehension. Thanks to all the efforts of the people who cared for baby monkey Janna, and did not give up, so Janna can live her little monkey life and maybe one day even become a momma herself. Baby Janna is truly a miracle! And an incredibly special thanks, to the nice lady who cared for and loved Janna back to health.

Written by Anne R.

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