The Story Of Ordin Monkey Until Today

The Story of Odin
       Odin is a bad but very lucky guy. When he comes to the Carbzilla troop all the kids run away and hide from him. But, Chris and King Kiko will come to fight him because he is actually weak and Odin is scared of Kiko. When Odin tries to mate with the girls, other monkeys sneak up on him so he can’t run away. The males fight Odin or scare him away from the troop. Odin keeps coming back because he likes Leyla, Sara, and Patty. Sara likes him too but she can’t come to him because Kiko follows her everywhere. Odin was caught by poachers. The poachers were taking him to their home for trafficking to other countries. These poachers would frequently set traps to catch monkeys and other wild animals. The monkeys and other wild animals would then be sold to neighboring countries like Vietnam where people eat monkey brains as a delicacy, use them in traditional medicine, or eat them. Police raided the poachers a few years ago while they were trafficking monkeys to sell. The authorities came to stop them near the border of Cambodia and Vietnam. They confiscated hundreds of wild animals and arrested the animal traffickers. When the rest of the poachers came home, they found their stash gone. They had some monkeys still in their home. Among those not yet trafficked was Ordin.
        The remaining poachers decided to set Odin and the rest of the monkeys free in the village because they could not traffic animals anymore. Everything would have been fine but Odin had a big appetite. He kept going into one of the homes to eat. Every day when the man left home, he would come back to find that his food had been taken. After several days of finding all of his bananas, mangoes, and other foods gone because a monkey came to eat it, the homeowner became very angry and bought a trap. Despite being caught once before, Odin went right into the trap to get the food inside and was caught by the angry homeowner. His life was at risk from being caught again but Odin got lucky. The homeowner who had caught the naughty monkey in a trap called Song Mara, Sochhun Ley, and Bong Bo to come get Odin . They released Odin in Carbzilla troop and watched to see if the troop accepted him. The first year he was not allowed to live in Carbzilla group but after a year, Carbzilla troop accepted him.
        When Odin tried to mate with the girls in the troop, Chris called the King to chase him away. Chris started to hate Ordin, Until one day Chris had a bad fight with him. King Sampson helped Chris and they chased Ordin out of the troop. Odin then joined with the Cruella group where he is still living. Odin still tries to get to the girls in Carbzilla troop but runs away and hides when Chris or King Kiko comes to fight him. Ordin also continues to cause trouble in Carbzilla troop but he will be fine. Luck is on his side. Written by: Sochhun Ley and Lorry Kaller

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