Top 4 Thick Passion monkeys in the Angkor Area

Top 4 Thick Passion monkeys in the Angkor Area

It is very normal for the life of nature even if the humanity as well. Every people are mot the same they are different even if the food they eat every day. Some people are like to eat fishes and some they are like to eat meats. So today I would to pick one topic of the monkey for talking, many years that we stayed with monkey and learned about their life we notice there are a few monkeys that they are thick passion during mate season. And this is not rough word or bad word to make reader will be feeling but it’s history of the monkeys attitude and We not used sexy picture here too. If you think this article ugly for you please skip it.

1 – Amari alpha of the Amari group. She is the one monkey that so mean to her members and all the females monkey. Small monkeys dear not to provoke with her even the food that got from tourists no one dear eat close to her. She always mistreat all babies in his her groups no one dear to play with baby if she not ok, except the kings and sometime she dear to fight big males too. Every mate season she need a lots from the king, she always turn her back to the king for request, and if the king catching other girls for mates close to her, she will fighting the girl then she turn her back for the king until she pregnant and will stop doing this attitude.

2 – Popeye is the members in Amari group, she lower ranking than some monkeys in this group she is more thick passion all the season mate time, she always request king all the time even if the king tired, she used her hand to shake or pate the king’s private for more power and can give it to her.

3 – Duchess is small monkey in Amber group and 2021 is the third babies in her life but this year is bad luck for her, she can’t got babies like every years, she was miscarriage’s for this years. When the season mate time coming the king so worry to lost the group so much. She request the king until the king almost can’t open eye because of tired and if the king not give her enough she run to Loki after run to Vinnie then run to Chimo, Roy and to the other monkeys who can give her more. King so scare of not strong enough for her and all females monkey will know the king is weak and king worry about she will go to request from the invader for more and persuade him to group by inform the king is weak . But after she got from every males she come back to the king again, it became a monkey turn around.

4 Diamond was member in Amber group, she is lower ranking in this group too and she always make king worry when the season mate coming too. When she got mate from the king and not enough for her she always run to looking for the invader for help her. That’s why some king hug her many hours don’t want her doing that.

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