Ungrateful child monkeys dear to fighting their mother

Ungrateful child monkeys dear to fighting their mother

There are many kinds of monkey in the Cambodia and now I want to talking about long tail monkey in the Angkor area. Monkey in the Angkor area have many groups but some group are close to people because their life is depend on tourist come to visit them and offer them a food. But some monkey they not much close to human and live a long the forest in the Angkor Park that easy for some camera men follow to learn capture about their life too. Some attitude of monkeys are almost the same human but monkey not learn much quickly like human. And sometime we knew their feeling by their actions too. And some monkeys they have greedy like human too. There are many things that we still learn from the monkey activity of their life. Even if monkey live in group and sometime they dismiss their team out off  group, but monkey they also have their own family like human. Most of the monkey they respect their family like mother, sibling, grandma, father and grand son and daughter when they family have problem in the group they always come to help and it will pity when you knew some low ranking don’t have family in the group, they will be bully every time by high ranking monkey.

In this article I just want talking about monkey ungrateful child. The monkey also have some spoilt child that they don’t respect their family like mother and brother because of their greedy and need to be more high ranking than mother or anyone else.

Here he have picture of the monkey who don’t respect of their mother, they fighting their own mother until their mother don’t want to stay close to them.

1 – April  is one monkey who live in the Angkor Thom area and live in the Amber group. She is daughter of Daisy, April is the one who escort mother to help calling invader in secret to fighting old king until new king come and her family became female Alpha, before her family not high ranking than Queen but since April start to help mother so queen is scare of this family. Daisy had many of children but some of children are lost without reason. Now April also have may children and in the group except males monkey, so every monkey is scare of April than her mother, she start want to be female Alpha in the group that this group is belong to her mother Daisy, so April think this position is should belong to her because only her that help her mother to fighting that time. So when she had second baby She start fighting with her mother, no anyone in the group dear to help stop this family fighting only the king that doing it. Every fighting always no sounds out if the king not stay close will not see and can not broke the fighting. April always start to fighting here mother first and around two years nearly three years April fighting with mother many time but she never win her mother because of king come to break them. Now mother and daughter still angry with each other.

2 – Amara was born in the Carbzilla live the long side moat of the Angkor Wat area, her mother named Sumara is lower ranking, when Sumara give birth first day of Amara, she was kidnaped by Cruella climb up the top of the tree not come down almost two day. So lucky that Sumara got her back from the kidnapper. Amara was kidnapped consequence by kidnapper when was baby, but her mother Sumara is the great mother take care so well from that evil period. When Amara group up bigger two years old and a bit more months she be a strong monkey she used to kidnaped other babies monkey too. This time she seem hate lower ranking and start to hate her mother who lower ranking too. She hate when some monkey bully her and then she cry mother scare of them not come to help. So she change her attitude to depend herself. Some small kids who have mother high ranking than her come to provoke problem with her sometime she sneak to fight them and run away. And Amara also fighting her mother until mother scare of her until right now. This years she give birth Feb 25 2021, she not even give her mother much close to her baby.

Amara fighting mother

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