What happen to life of Popeye?

What happen to life of Popeye?

Hi every one, my name’s Sochhun live in Angkor Siem Reap,  I am not vet, not a teacher,​ not a Analyst and not a politician. I am a citizen who make video for youtube on real life of nature monkey. Today I would like to talk about monkey Popeye’s life, Popeye was the monkey who live in the Amari group since I met her the first time in 2012, I notice her very well because of her blind one eye, and in the Amari group during that time I saw many members monkey but during that I am just visitor of nature monkey. I come to see them often because like to see the how funny of monkey, cute nature monkey and it also close to my home land. In 2014 I start to record their life and named to their members. Popeye had many babies and I know some of babies she has only, she had Olive, Sweetpea, Polly and Polino. During she had Olive seem much months delay to have Sweetpea because he was very big like more than a year. And then she got Sweetpea. Her baby Olive lost without reason and Polly lost by accident  when she run across the road and crash with car. Popeye is the lower ranking than some monkeys and the one women who thick passion monkey, every season of mate she always request the king. If the king tired and she want more from the king she always pat the king private in the sign of need more and she is girl who always offer good time to males. That’s why many monkeys like her And she is very good mother to every babies. She very hard to weaning all of her babies because of don’t want to see her babies cry.

But this manner it seem encourage her babies to gain more cry when they don’t get what they want. When her babies cry for milk a lots and she boring of lure them she always walking away. But when she got far from babies she always sneak glance at her babies too. When her babies saw her glance at they gain more cry. At the end Popeye always come back to feed babies even though they on time for weaning. She is perfect mother always tolerant to her babies. During the reign of the king Skippy for the first month he became the king, king Skippy was very bad he hit every women and small monkeys for respect him as the king. This manner of the king use violet in to this group every day all monkey injure every day. King Skippy will fighting if some monkey don’t do any respect as he want, until all members scare of him. Skippy so mad when Amber group getting to Amari group then he will start to chasing some monkey to walking more far from Amber group, he seem scare of his member go to live in Amber group. It so sad to look when Skippy used violet to members but it is nature. Skippy did crazy attitude many months to his members as accustom.

One day when Amber group invading the land of Amari group again and King Skippy so mad, start chase all members walking escape from Amber group to south gate. On the way that day Popeye and Kari seem nearly give births, they can not walking fast as the other monkeys  that made king Skippy feeling crazy he run bite Kari until she walking fall to the ground many times and almost can not walking follow the group. They the run away from Amber group around 500 meters , and Amber group they still follow them, until they meeting jungle group then Amari group go into the jungle too, Amber group they stay close and some they go to the jungle too. So it’s around 11 : 30 Am when monkeys go to jungle most of the Camera men and women they go to lave lunch too. So some camera man  they came back after lunch to waiting monkey come back from jungle so they will continue to make their daily video. Some camera men when monkey go sleep in jungle like this, they knew in the late evening so monkeys will come back, so they still sitting at their lunch table for relax. Around 3 to 4 PM Amari group they escape back from Amber group by they take good chance when Amber group thinking Amari group in Jungle. But there have only jungle monkeys stay there. Amari group they turning back to their land. When they arrive in Bayon temple we notice that we don’t see Kari and Popeye. Then Camera men who make video in Amari group discuss and we think they will got trap in jungle. So we persuade some camera men to finding where they were go in. And we found Popeye body on the ground with some dry blood and some injure on her body and neck and we try to finding Kari but still can’t see her until right now. We tell our team come to see her body then we bury her there, and some people give many different idea about this case.
1 – Jungle monkey bite
2 – Dog bite
3 – hunter dog bite
4 – Amber group bite
And that’s time, I am also think the dog bite her.

But after I asking many people who came to see monkey during from 12 : 00 PM and until 3 :00 pm because this time I go back have lunch too, I start got new idea. And I asking camera men who wait monkey outside, they said monkey stay in jungle and they also heard sound monkey fighting and cry loudly there. And I also go to asking some camera men who make video of Solim in pagoda, that far away from this jungle around 100 meters. They said that’s time they hearing monkey fighting in the jungle too. Do they hear dog barking, I adds, they said no. they answered.

So this is my idea after I got many answers from the people who stayed in that’s time. Popeye dead was attack by King Skippy and Kari the same. If the dog bite the monkey they always barking. For Amber group they not yet arrive this place and sleep relax. Jungle monkey they scare of Skippy. So only one way is Skippy force group return back to their old land and if some monkey late he fighting. Thank you for reading.


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