Who is Aseop?

Who is Aseop?

Aesop is a longtail male macaque monkey living within the Amber troop. He was an invader monkey that showed up out of the jungle after he was enlisted by King Kong. Here is how the story goes. It all started when King Kong decided that he really wanted to be the king of the Amber Troop. He waged war with King Eugene and Harold to overthrow their power. He spent seven months fighting this battle, but the result was he lost every time. A frustrated King Kong goes back to the jungle to persuade Donkey and Aesop to come and fight with the Amber Troop for becoming a king.

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But they must use a trick with Amber group to win this battle. If they depended on their strength and power only, they would not win. So, they devise a plan, monkey politics. They hide Aesop at the edge of the jungle and only King Kong and Donkey goes to fight in this war. When they lose as predicted. King Kong and Donkey go for their secret weapon. They look to jungle and act like they are calling for a king or strong monkey to come help them. Aesop stays hidden and does not let the monkeys in Amber see him. Cloaked in the darkness of the jungle Aesop shook the branches violently jumping up and down and all the monkeys could see was the shrubberies quaking and the leaves falling to the ground.

This put fear in every monkey in the Amber group and they were terrified of them. They could not chase Donkey and King Kong into the forest. Although Amber group had many strong monkeys to protect the king such as King Eugene, Harold, Vinnie, Loki, Sankra, Krabby and some strong females to help them. King Kong used this trick to fight only one monkey King Eugene and he wins the Amber group effortlessly. The day he wins Aesop shows up his body and stayed at the back of King Kong and Donkey. When Krabby saw that his king had lost this battle he absconded to another land and Harold left the group to go live with Mahanokor troop. Vinnie leaves the group as well, but he returns within a few months. Nearly a year passes and king Eugene leaves the group to stay with Harold. The first day after the battle was won the throne should have been given to King Kong. But Aesop, he pulls out his sack of tricks and shows respect only to Donkey. Aseop supported and raised up Donkey as king.

He tries to fight the girls who do not obey Donkey for respect. Aesop’s first victim is Jane. And three years later she is still being attacked by him. Aesop pleasures Donkey with everything to make him love him. He is doing this until Donkey befriends him and King Kong is a bit far from him. Now King Kong is truly angry with Donkey that he betrayed him because this group should have belonged to him not king Donkey! So, when he had a chance, he fought Donkey. The battle was brutal and Donkey lost one ball. Then he was dismissed from group. However, King Kong lets him stay in the group sometimes. Then Aesop seems to respect King Kong using his tricks to convince him he is a good monkey. Not long afterwards when Loki seen that this group break their friendship, he comes to fight them. Loki recruits Mak, Roy and the other soldiers and they took the Amber group back. Loki, he thought he was king but Roy does not respect him and raised up Mak as the new King and so it was. Aesop, he knew that Donkey and King Kong lost their power and he tries to show the new king (Mak) that he is not friends with the old king. Aesop informed the new king in Amber group to fight Donkey and King Kong until they are no longer permitted to stay and seek refugee with the Amari Troop. Aesop learns quickly who the new king in the Amber group is and goes after which monkey who is best friends with the king. Aseop plays devils advocate to enlighten the king that they are gossiping about him or mating with his females. Aesop tries to do this to every male in the group. This is the policy of monkeys and Aesop uses it to put himself in a favorable or superior position. Even to Roy who was the best friend of king Mak. Aesop with his gossip, tricks and lies advises King Mak until Roy and Mak become enemies. Now Aesop is good friends with the new king (Mak) in the Amber group. He is a very crafty and clever monkey. Who knows what he will pull out of his sack of tricks next? Written by Sochhun Ley & Laura Tannehill

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