Who is Chimo?

Who is Chimo?

Chimo was a male macaque monkey who lived in the Amber Troop. Prior to that he lived his life in the Amari Troop. We are not sure who his mother is. Before 2012 Amari troop had many members under Alpha Donald’s control. However, a lot of those monkeys disappeared without reason. So, it is difficult to distinguish who his mother was. Chimo lived in the Amari group until his adulthood. He was especially fond of Sweetpea and frequently played with him when Popeye could not stop him from crying and walked away. Chimo would come hug Sweetpea and hold him walking and following the group. Sweetpea also came to play with Chimo too as a brother. But Chimo always played so rough with Sweetpea.


Sometimes he would bite down on Sweetpea carrying him in his mouth like a dog or cat would transport their babies. When tensions rose between King Brutus and Achap’s region Chimo decided it was time to leave the group of Amari. This is risky business for a young solitary male to venture out on his own. But early that morning he heads out bound for the Amber troop alone. He started to follow the Amber group and realized he needs an ally that would benefit him so he sought out Loki. He respected Loki and Vinnie as his brothers and shadowed Loki for many years. Perhaps since Loki was a member of the Amari Troop and the son of Lucy maybe they were somehow related or best friends.

Under Loki’s protection and acceptance, he was relatively safe. Quickly Chimo gained the respect of new monkeys who looked at him as a boss, such as Rocky/Obie and Sankra until he became bigger and bigger. Two young males eager and looking for guidance followed Chimo as their boss. When Obie was first released, he was befriended by Sankra. As time went on, they were eventually recruited by Chimo. He would lead them for about 6 to 7 months until mating season. During mating season all bets are off. Mating with the king’s females is not tolerated. When Chimo was accused of this monstrosity he fought with Sankra and caused him his worse injuries. He did this to prove to King Mark that it was not I but Sankra who betrayed him. This is a strict policy among monkeys. Sadly, Chimo was unaware that Sankra still respected him as his boss. Despite this he continues to do battle with him until Sankra was scared. He stopped walking with Chimo and left the group of Amber as an outcast having been dismissed by Chimo. Rocky also stopped respecting Chimo because he would not protect him from the big males who attacked him but remained in the troop. The day Loki decided he wanted to be the king of the Amber troop a brave Chimo comes to his aid to help him fight for the crown. However, Loki was unlucky in his quest and failed to complete his mission. During that time Loki cannot be a king, and Chimo lived an exceedingly difficult life in the Amber group. Many males constantly requested king Mark to fight Chimo, because they wanted to be close to the king. The monkeys that always appealed to king Mark to fight Chimo are Roy, Aesop, and Mr. Bone. But Chimo is lucky that he had Loki and Vinnie to protect him and avoided king Marks ongoing attacks. In the year 2020 waiting for his opportunity Chimo thought he was big enough to control the group of Amber. He started fighting and showing his power to king Mark. But he still feared his king! Although we never seen him stand up and fight King Mark face to face, he did fight the other males like Aesop, Mr. Bone and sometimes Roy. With no support Chimo followed the Amber group and fought for his position as the king alone. No one would help him. But little did he know his days would be numbered. On December 29, 2020, the monkeys of Amber group come to visit the land of Amari. Only to be met with the monkey catchers. Apsara and CFA come to catch the monkeys at Angkor Park. They used tricks to trap them by putting fruit in cages and one holding a gun shot to put monkeys to sleep. They shoot Chimo one shot on the ground until he falls asleep. Then they transferred him to a cage and took him away to Phnom Tamao Mountain.

On that day Chimo’s future changed forever he cannot be king in 2021 like Sankra. I only wish that he can be a king wherever he lives now. Just an interesting thought: After you have read the story of Chimo and the others in the Male Saga you start to see relationships between monkeys being formed. When Chimo left the Amari Troop why did he seek out Loki? Since we know that Loki was born into the Amari Troop and the son of Lucy suggests that maybe they grew up together. Also, rumor has it that Chimo was Popeyes son. And since we know that Popeye was the daughter of Lucy that would make Loki Chimo’s uncle. Evidence shows us that Chimo loved Sweetpea and cared for him as a brother. This is just my theory and there is no proof to support it. So, you weigh the evidence and decide for yourself what you believe. Written by Sochhun Ley and Laura Tannehill

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