Who is Donald?

Who is Donald?

Donald was a male longtail macaque who was King of the Amari troop in 2013. This was the first time Sochhun noticed him. Later in 2014 he started to film the troop. He reports that under Donald’s control of the group, it seemed glorious and happier times. Donald was an upright father to the babies and a beneficial husband for the ladies. He was a noble king and was respected by all the males in the surrounding area. During the reign of King Donald, no monkey dare to invade his land. Brutus, Achap, Felix, Marcus, Skippy, Chimo and friends they would visit there often and seemed to respect Donald. The days of Donald was quite a simple life.

He enjoyed mingling with the considerate friendly tourists. When tourists were exhausted from walking, they would sit and relax on the stone or under the tree by the park. Then Donald would go and sit with them and lay his head on the legs of tourists like a sweet couple in a romantic place. But some were terrified of him because he had a big body and long sharp teeth. When he came to sit with them, some tourists they would stand up and walk away in fear. But some of them stayed until Donald walked away to another place. “He also come to sitting with me.” Sochhun said. “And I use to feed him lotus by put in the middle between us, then I am eating with him. He’s not aggressive with me.” Sochhun explains, “Most of the monkeys cannot share like this.



If we have fruit that monkey is eating, they will be aggressive or fighting us. Almost every day I feel safe when I stay with him.” Sochhun loved Donald and they were especially good friends. He tells me, “One day when he is sitting next to me eating lotus. Then Achap and Brutus show up their power by come fighting me. When they get to close to me, I stand up then they saw King Donald so they turn back to walk away, when I see Donald open mouth to them. He save me from them.” Donald protected Sochhun from the males would be attacks and often stayed with him while he was there. Sometimes he even put his head on Sochhun leg to sleep as well. During the reign of the king Donald they used to fighting again Amber Group to protect their land but Amari Group lost the battle and king Donald lead the group run escape away from the battle. Now currently his female Queen was Amari and Donald really had no feelings about Amari. He does not like much about Amari that she is so mean to every girl. If she is not feeling that her body is pregnant, she will fight every female in the group. If the king mates near her with the girls she will run them out. Then it is a good time for her. But King Donald does not even look how beautiful of her.

He just walking away. He did love all the girls but not in front of Amari! Donald’s main love interest was Popeye and she would give him a son that Donald adored. Sweetpea! Popeye was very loyal to Donald and would spend a lot of time grooming him and caring for him in his final days. If Amari even came near him, he would bare his teeth at her as if to say, “don’t touch me!” Amari did not push the issue because she knew he was sick. The whole troop knew it. Sadly, for Donald he developed a tumor in his abdomen. As time went on the tumor grew bigger and bigger. Donald knew his days were numbered so he transferred his power to Brutus. Popeye took to his side and nursed him to provide some comfort and love, or just to sooth his pain and suffering. Sweetpea was young and played happily around them oblivious that his father was dying. All Sweetpea wanted was a hug but Donald was to sick to respond.

Towards the end of his life Donald separated himself from the group and started staying under the rest house about one month. He stopped coming for food and became increasingly fragile and skinny. Then one morning he was no longer there. We searched for him but could not find him. We believe that he went into the jungle to give up his life in peace. It is so sad we lost him forever. Rest in peace King Donald. Written by Sochhun Ley and Laura Tannehill

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