Who is King Mark/Marx/Mak?

Who is King Mark/Marx/Mak?

King Mark is longtail male macaque who lived on the side of the Amber Troop with Chimo, Loki, Roy, and Skippy on the way to the south gate of Bayon Temple. Along with five more males but these monkeys like Loki and Skippy they seemed to want to be king, so they went to which groups they thought they could conquer. Loki, he wanted the group of Amber, but Skippy he went to the Amari Troop. As for King Mark his life was still normal living on the side of the Amber group. We also think he is son of June because June always stayed with him. King Mark was so lazy never helped Loki when he fought with the Amber group around five months.

Loki always battled alone and sometimes Loki fought Amber with Chimo, but they do not win every fight. Nonetheless for King Mark he is just sitting along the road waiting for food from exceedingly delightful tourists every day and sometimes Roy would come and sit with him. One day when the Amber group came to stay in the Amari group Loki and Chimo called for Mark and Roy to come help them fight the Amber king. During the battle breaking their friendship with Donkey and King Kong. At that time also old king Eugene had left the group to go live with Harold in the Mahanokor group. So, Loki, Chimo, Mark, and Roy won very easily. At first Loki he was incredibly joyful he supposed he was the king at that time. But Roy does not respect him. Roy tried to show all the females and kid monkeys that Mark is their new king.

However, one monkey, Aesop, he does not want to leave from the group like Donkey and King Kong his old king. So, he requested Mark to do battle with Donkey and King Kong as they still stay inside the forest and sneak to see their girls and kids who missed them. Aesop tells king Mark with his sack of monkey tricks to fight until Donkey and King Kong can no longer stay and went away to Amari group for refugee. This time Amber group has a new king.

King Mark. Not Loki. Although Mark was a lazy king, he had Rolls Royce’s respect and protection being awfully close friends. Even as king Mark mated Roy always stood as his bodyguard to protect him. But! Aesop is one monkey full of tricks he knows Mark is king now, he also wants to be close friends with king Mark. So skillfully he is finding tricks to tell Mark that Chimo and Loki are not good monkeys and Roy only some of the time. Mark, he listened to him and lets Aesop stay in the group. But Mark he still respected Loki and lets him stay too. Then Loki he assists Chimo a lot for him to stay in the group also. When Aesop requested king Mark to chase Chimo out, Loki always helped Chimo with fighting Aesop until Mark says stop. Roughly around one year everything was like this. Now Roy, he is still best friends with King Mark and one day Roy betrayed him. He thinks Mark should not be a king, because he is much too lazy.

Roy started from that day on to mate only. He never helped to fight the girls who sneaked to boys on the side of the group. So, when he has a chance, when King Mark forgets he attacks the king. Mark got wounded badly. Then Roy raised himself up as the king. King Mark knew with his injures that fighting Roy again was not wise, so he stayed notably quiet. Roy, he is so happy with his newfound victory and flaunts his power. He was not scared of anyone. He would fight with any monkey who said no, for he is a king now. Loki, Chimo, and Aesop they say no words, not even to cough about Roy’s betrayal. Despite this Roy was a scornful and boastful monkey and scoffed at Marks injuries. But king Mark is lazy and clever. He lets Roy pretend to be king and remains silent. Even when Roy was mating with the females in front of his face. Mark just smiles and tries to heal himself with some of the females who liked him and helped him by licking and cleaning his wounds every day. Soon his wounds are perfect and quick to heal. One month later Mark is completely healed and he starts walking towards Roy and fighting with him. Roy lays down to the ground, runs away from the group and remains on the side. Sometimes Mark has pity on Roy. This time though Mark believes Aesop’s gossip tricks. Aesop saw Roy on the tree and requested king Mark to fight Roy until he falls to the ground with a broken leg and nearly dies. Injured Roy needed to go back to heal in Jungle for many months. Now, Aesop got a good chance to request king Mark as the king. Many months gone Roy healed and he seemed to wake up that he had betrayed King Mark and wants to say sorry, but he does not have a chance because Aesop adds more gossip about his betrayal. So, one day Mr. Bone wants to be king in the Amber group and starts fighting with the front soldiers of the group. Almost every morning showing everyone he is strong king, but king Mark he does not care. One morning Mr. Bone persuaded Roy to come and fight the Amber group. So, Roy and Amber start fighting on the top of Bayon temple with Marks soldiers like Aesop, Loki, Chimo, Rocky/Obie and Sankra. King Mark (being the lazy king that he was) had not woken up yet. They were all fighting for a few minutes until king Mark woke up and joined in the battle. When Roy saw king Mark coming, he got nervous then turned back catching Mr. Bone from his backside and Mr. Bone could not move. King Mark bit him repeatedly and some members in group bit him also until he nearly died. Luckily for Mr. Bone he fell from the top of the temple and tries walking to escape away.

Some of the warriors chased him and wanted to close his life, but Sochhun saw much pity on him and stopped those soldiers from chasing him. Sochhun helped escort Mr. Bone to jungle for him to heal himself. A few weeks later Mr. Bone was healed and comes back to the Amber group living as his soldier life like before. Now Mark he is a lazy, clever, and strong king. On December 29, 2020, the CFA and Apsara come to catch the monkeys to remove them from this land at Angkor Thom. King Mark seen them catching some of his members and then some got darted and fell asleep in the trees, he starts calling to his members escorting them away to another place. The Amari group saw king Mark walking away and then they returned to their area only to be met with the sadness story of authorities breaking up their families. The CFA and Apsara catching the members with no chance of escaping. Fortunately, King Mark escaped from this hell episode and is in paradise living the luxury life of a King. The End.

This story was written by Sochhun Ley and edited by Laura Tannehill. Thank you Sochhun for this wonderful knowledge and history about the life of King Mak. Long live the King of Amber Troop!

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