Who is Loki?

Who is Loki?
Loki is a male longtail macaque living within the Amber Troop. He was born into the Amari group and is the son of Lucy, an incredibly old monkey that lived in the Amari group. When Loki was an adult and reached his maturity, he left the Amari Troop to join with the Amber group. But he only lived on the side with other group males around 8 to 9 of them. Including Mark, Roy, Skippy, Chimo and the other monkeys we did not name because they are not close to group like Loki, Mark, Roy, Chimo and Skippy.
The only one monkey who is considerably close to the Amber group is Loki. The others are just like shadows walking and following Loki on the side. Loki follows the group of Amber many years since the reign of the king Eugene and Harold until the reign of the king Donkey and King Kong. Sometimes Loki acts as a shape (front) soldier of the Amber group to help chase the other monkeys like Amari and jungle monkeys when they meet on the way or are spreading their territory.
Loki always helped his mother Lucy when she was not walking to reach her group, because she is an older monkey fragile and weak. He was a good son. She could not keep up with the other monkeys and often got left behind. So, Loki would guard and escort her back to the Amari troop. He always made sure she arrived at her destination safely. Later when Loki was big enough, he thought he should let the group of Amber be aware of his presence during mating season. He sometimes mated with the girls of the king and lets king Donkey see it. Showing the king and the members of the troop that he is an extraordinarily strong monkey by shaking the tree branches or mating with the girls on the trees. Then the king in this group was outraged and goes to war with him. Loki followed the Amber group this time much closer and stayed on the trees for battle. Loki is the king of the trees and is known for his skills for fighting in them. He fought the Amber group alone many times but he still not win the group, because they had Aesop, Donkey, and King Kong to protect it. One month later in the Amber group Donkey and King Kong’s friendship was broken. King Kong was fuming over Donkeys frequent betrayals and King Kong fought Donkey until he lost one ball and defeated his power. So, this month Loki sees the conflict and the broken friendship and comes to fight alongside with Mark, Roy, and Chimo. They are not fighting the girls only the king until they chase Donkey, King Kong, and Aesop out the group to live on the side like Loki used to live before. At first Loki thought he was the king but Roy does not respect him and raises Mark as the new king. Roy would fight Chimo who respected only Loki as the king. Chimo was lower ranking than these monkeys so he could not help Loki as the king. However, Loki can help Chimo live in the Amber group. Roy showed all the females, here is your new king, it is Mark. They would fight if some of the monkeys did not respect Mark. So, Loki lived in the Amber group under king Mark. Now, Aesop the trickster monkey wanted to live in the group. He takes notice who is the new king. Then he reaches deep into his ole sack of tricks and tries to get close and request King Mark to show him that Donkey and King Kong are still living on the side of group. Aesop does this to convince Mark that he is an honest and loyal monkey to his new king. He also requests King Mark to fight Loki, Roy, and Chimo but Mark knew Roy is his friend. Mark does sometimes want to fight with Chimo but Loki would help Chimo to show he is honest to his team as well.
Loki is now living under king Mark until 2021. On December 29, 2020 Apsara and the CFA come to catch the monkeys in the Angkor area because they said the monkeys are ruining the temples and knocking down logo signs that give directions to the tourists. Also, recent complaints of them being aggressive and biting tourists or attacking them for food. Authorities came armed and trapped the monkeys catching Chimo, Tarzanna, Daro, and shot Queen by (gun table) that makes monkeys fall asleep. They shot Loki 2 bullets! The first bullet went in while Loki was on the ground. Feeling the sting and frightened Loki runs and climbs up a tree. Then they shot him again one more bullet in him while he is on the tree. They tried to use a long stick to poke him down, but Loki is extraordinarily strong. He climbs up higher and sits on a branch where he falls asleep for many hours and he take off bullet hold in hand and sleep. He had secured himself so he did not fall. Then he wakes up there with his new life having survived from the bad evil that confronted him that day.
He lives in Amber group with a happy life now. I guess the authorities did not know Loki was the king of the trees. Written by Sochhun Ley and Laura Tannehill

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