Who is Mr. Bone?

Who is Mr. Bone? Mr. Bone is a male macaque monkey living on the outskirts of the Amber troop. He appeared as an invader during the time Eugene and Harold lost their power in November 2017 to Donkey and King Kong. He always lived outside the group until King Mark/Mak took over in Dec of 2018. Then he started to follow the new King. At first Mr. Bone feared people, but not long after he seem to get use to them.

Mr. Bone was also an exceedingly kind monkey. When Skinny man lived near the forest at Bayon Temple he would go and visit him. He has also been known for playing with the males of Amari Troop, Jack, Joey, Brutus Jr, Donnie and Sweetpea. However, Mr. Bone has acted as the front soldier of the Amber troop same as Chimo, Sankra, Santra, and Luka. During that time King Mark/Mak was fighting with Rolls-Royce and the King Mark dismiss Roy from the group. Wounded and shamed Roy went off to nurse himself. A few months later when Roy was better from his injuries in February 2020 Mr. Bone persuaded Roy to engage with Amber Troop. Monkey politics! Mr. Bone woke up early one morning with Roy and convinced him to fight. So, with their plan in motion two brave warriors together scaled the temple wall to do battle with the soldiers of Amber group.

When they reach the top of the temple Roy whispered to Mr. Bone that he would help him fighting in the group and they will be King. Abruptly the battle begins! During the hostilities with the warriors of Amber troop such as Aesop, Loki, Vinnie, Chimo, Luca, Sankra, Alpha females Daisy and April. King Mark/Mak had not yet come down from the tree because it seemed too early to wake up for him. The luxury life of a King. Nevertheless, the struggle continued and Mr. Bone and Roy seemed nearly to win the battle. But when King Mark/Mak come to fight, Roy seemed very scared of him and then turning and catching Mr. Bone not letting him go for King Mark/Max to bite him. Everyone biting Mr. Bone all the males biting him until he almost died. Luckily, Mr. Bone fell from the tower of the temple so Mark/Max would stop biting him. Scared and injured he ran for his life an escaped from Amber but all soldiers still follow him.

Once on the ground the cameraman Sochhun block the monkeys and saved Mr. Bone from a certain death sentence. Mr. Bone nearly died because Rolls-Royce betrayed him. Roy did this in hopes that King Mak will accept him to be his friend again. Roy tricked Mr. Bone, the policy of monkey. After the battle Mr. Bone leaves the Amber Troop to cure himself around two weeks. Then he came back to the troop again and lives on the outside of the group. In January 2021 when Amari Troop has no King, and the group is looking for a king, Jessie swayed Mr. Bone to be king. Mr. Bone was King for only 3 days. Then Sankra saw he had beautiful girls so he start fighting with him and Mr. Bone lost with injuries to his mouth and hands. He would only walk on two legs for almost a week. The girls in Amari group love Mr. Bone because he is truly kind to the babies so they do not banish him from the group. So far Mr. Bone has been begging Sankra for his place in the troop. But, Maybe, just maybe he is buying his time! I would like to give a special thank you to Sochhun Ley for writing this story and trusting me to tell it.

Written by Sochhun Ley and Laura Tannehill

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