Who is Sankra? Male Monkeys of Angkor Thom

Who is Sankra? 

Sankra is a male longtail macaque monkey, who was born into the Amber troop, at Angkor Thom, the same year as Romeo. (Since his reappearance, a lot of people are confusing him with Santra. Please do not make this mistake! They are two different monkeys!)

Sankra was born into the Amber Troop, in the year 2014. It is believed that he is the son of June, but we are not clear about this. Little is known about who Sankra is, because the cameramen have not filmed him very often, until recently.

He is almost 7 years old, which is the time that males are ready to have their own troop. That is, if they can find females that are willing to follow them, or they fight their way into the position of power.

The first time Sankra was identified, and filmed, in January of 2019, he had an injury to his right leg. It is said that he was hit by either a car or motorcycle. That was his first film debut.

Sankra shows us who he is! 

In May of 2020, Sankra was identified, and filmed, again. He had sustained deep lacerations on his face, left arm, and shoulder. His attacker? Chimo!

The backstory: When Obie (a small male hybrid) was abandoned in 2019, with the Amber troop, Sankra and Obie became friends, and Chimo was their boss. After about 6 or 7 months, when mating season came around, Chimo dismissed Sankra, and they were no longer friends. The reason Chimo attacked Sankra, was to show King Mak that he did not steal his girl, but Sankra did it. This is the policy of monkeys, to show their innocence.

Then, in August, King Mak faced off with Sankra, in the middle of the road! Once again, Sankra was in trouble! During mating season, the males do not trust the other males in the troop. The king will be looking for who might steal his girls. The males will lie to the king, depending on their tricks, resulting in a confrontation. Again, monkey politics. Sankra was no different. Mak showed him who he was; the King, with all of the power. Sankra, in turn, was getting big and brave enough to show the king who he was!

Sankra, today (2021) 

In more recent events, Sankra has been showing his power more and more, and fighting to achieve a position as King of the Amari troop. However, Sankra has a few other competing male suitors, looking for the same status. I do not believe he will give up easily. He has only one problem: Mr. Bone is standing in the way of his would-be King escapade. Sankra is a strong monkey and has fought many battles in the Amber Troop. So, do not underestimate him.

Will Sankra be a King for a day? Or will he win the crown?

Written by Laura Tannehill

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