Who is Santra? Male Monkeys of Angkor Thom

Who is Santra? Male Monkeys of Angkor Thom

Santra is a longtail macaque monkey, who is an abandoned pet. A soldier brought him to Angkor Thom, and dropped him off, along with another monkey named Luka. Santra had been living in the outskirts of the Amber troop, for about 4 years, before he made his first appearance, following Amari troop, watching them. When King Kong and Donkey were fighting for breeding rights, King Kong ripped Donkey’s scrotum open. Santra felt sorry for him. Donkey went into the jungle, to nurse his terrible wound – he lost one testicle – and Santra followed him. He stayed in the jungle with Donkey for about a year.


In July of 2019, Santra and Donkey returned to Bayon Temple. He stayed on the outskirts of Amari troop. Watching. Always watching, sometimes getting too close, and being chased away by troop members.

One day, a two-month-old baby monkey named Daniella had just woken up from a nap. Her mother, Dana, was nowhere to be found. She cried and cooed, calling for her mom, but little did she know she was being hunted! Daniella must have felt something, because she turned around, only to look her attacker in the eye. She twirled around and took off as fast as she could to run, screaming, but she was no match for the full-grown male. Santra snatched her up in his jaws. His sharp fangs ripping her tiny body. He dropped her little body, and ran for his life, as the troop took off after him! Daniella lay motionless on the ground, as her mother came to retrieve her. She did not regain consciousness, and died in her mother’s arms.

The baby killer.

No one had ever heard of Santra, and most people did not know who he was, until he killed Daniella. Although he had been filmed occasionally, he remained a mystery to us all. The actions of this monkey brought instant hate for him! To this day, people who love Amari Troop still despise him. It was an incredibly sad day for everyone that loved Daniella.

Instinct made Santra who he was.

Santra stalked her, and caught her alone. He showed no mercy. He attacked in a split second, and she was disemboweled. The cameramen did chase after him, but it was too late; the damage was done.

In the macaque world, this is what is referred to as infanticide. Where a male macaque will kill a baby, in order to force the female into estrus, to spread his seed. His goal was to take over the Amari Troop…however, after he killed Daniella, he was not accepted by the Amari Troop, – or – back into the Amber Troop. Santra was consistently avoided, ignored, and rejected. He became a loner. He did, however, have one friend: Donkey.

Enter: Ashley, the Warrior Princess!

Santra’s biggest enemy was Ashley! Ashely, the released Northern Pigtail Macaque, accepted by Amari Troop – and respected for her warrior skills – loathed Santra, on sight. That dreadful day she tried to save Daniella from him, and many times afterwards, she would fight him. If he even dare come near the Amari Troop, Ashely knew he was there, and would go after him. The Warrior Princess that she is…the watcher, protector, and the best fighter!

Exit: Santra, the Baby Killer!

Later, Santra would be filmed for the last time. He was injured badly, by King Mak and Chimo. Shunned, injured, and looking poorly, he went into the jungle, never to be seen again. To this day, Santra is still missing. But there is one thing for sure. He will always be remembered as the monkey that killed Daniella! Amari Troop will always remember who Santra was, and what he did.

Written by Laura Tannehill

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