Who is the best monkey abandon can stole Ashley heart

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In this years there are many monkeys whose release back to the jungle of Angkor area but most of them bring them to abandon in Sovana group. Before they release almost every where in the park of Angkor but but most of them were killed by accident, dog and also by savage wildlife. And some of the monkeys need some good people to refugee them again because of don’t who to survive in the jungle.

A few month Since Sovana was release back to the jungle with a few monkeys, there are monkey many monkey were release back to jungle but they release them in Sovana group because they think this will be much better safe then release in the other place. But still some monkeys were got bite by dog if no camera man stay close to the monkey. And many monkeys were safe because many camera man stay with them almost all the time. Also some monkeys were protect by monkeys too, especially Ashley always protect small monkey but the monkey that Ashley love the most is Bruno then Tom and Rojo these small monkey they will informed Ashley if have other monkey come to fighting them.

Why monkey released a lots in Angkor Area ?

This bellow is my Ideas only and if you all think it not should able, it up to your idea.

1 – The monkey big and they nasty, owner stop love them or no one have time take care them.

2 – Owner’s Channel were closed to show ads on their videos.

3 – Scare of illegal pet.

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