Who is Vinnie?

Who is Vinnie?

Vinnie is a male longtail macaque living in the Amber Troop. He is an old man who has lived in the group since the region of old king monkey Eugene and Harold. It is estimated that he is around 15 years old. He never felt like he wanted to be king in the group. He only acted as a front soldier and father figure for the kids. Vinnie is also known for the cut to his left ear that dangles. We are not sure who his mother was or where he came from since he had been residing in the Amber group at the time when Sochhun first started filming them. However, we do know that Vinnie is a passive monkey and keeps to himself. Avoiding confrontations whenever possible. When an invader monkey shows up to challenge the group Vinnie always walks away. He does not join in on the dispute. But sometimes its unavoidable and he must fight because the battle starts close to him, and he cannot close his eyes and walk away. Luckily, for Vinnie he has the support of Loki and Chimo. Loki and Vinnie are best friends along with Chimo and they respect each other. Loki loves Vinnie a lot. And many times, he goes and hugs Vinnie like a human. Perhaps Vinnie is his father or maybe even his brother. It would be an injustice to think that Lucy only had two live births. She was one of the oldest monkeys that lived at Angkor Park and given her age would suggest that she has had many babies. The only thing we can do is study their behavior and actions towards each other and weigh the facts and decide for ourselves.

But there is one thing for sure Vinnie and Loki have an unbreakable bond. When Donkey, Aesop and King Kong won the Amber Troop Vinnie decided to leave the group like Harold did. Harold departed and went to the Mahanokor troop and Vinnie went to live in the jungle. But this was an extremely difficult life for him especially since he missed all kids in the group who regarded him as their father. After about a two-month hiatus Vinnie packed his jungle bags and headed back to the Amber territory. But it seems repossessing his home is not as easy as just showing up. At first it was rough for Vinnie, because Aesop the accuser and trickster monkey that he is investigates to see if he is there to steal the girls of the king to mate. But Vinnie never does this to the new king. Instead, he helps the king to control small monkeys who provoke problems with a quarrel during play time. Sometimes when small babies get separated from the group during marching to another place, old monkey Vinnie always go back to find them. One-time during the changing of locations Rojo a small strong monkey overslept. When he woke up, he does not see any of his troop members. Rojo starts to cry and climbs higher up in the tree searching for them. But Rojo is looking in the wrong direction. When the group was far away, Vinnie noticed that they were missing a small monkey.

So, he turned back to the old place that the group had spent the night. He also started crying and calling to Rojo until he hears his voice and comes running, then they both lost their way again. Not too long though Vinnie figures out the way so he brought Rojo back very quickly. He takes to the canopies jumping from one tree to another without stopping because they need to look if they have any dogs along the way until they reach the crew. Seems Vinnie was wearing his superman cape that day. Lucky for Rojo Vinnie was paying attention and went looking for him. Then the next king wins the battle. King Mark. Vinnie still does the same, he respects the new king and stays in the group to help the new king to control member who do not respect him and protect all the small monkeys. He is truly fortunate that on 29 Dec 2020, he escaped from Apsara and CFA. And now he lives a beautiful life and happier with his kids in the Amber group. Written by Sochhun Ley and Laura Tannehill

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