Why do Poachers steal Monkeys?

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Why do Poachers steal Monkeys?
This story maybe disturbing and hard for some of you to read. It is written for educational purposes only. Why do poachers steal monkeys? What do poachers do with moneys when stolen? Monkey brains is big business and brings a huge revenue with it. The horrible acts inflicted on the monkeys in Hong Kong is very disturbing. Monkey brains are considered as a delicacy in Hong Kong and throughout China and Vietnam. The filthy rich love to boast about their wealth. One of the ways they do this is by eating the most expensive dishes available. Live monkey brains! The monkeys are restrained in a vice and placed in an opening in the center of a table. The only thing protruding up is the head. Then the top of the skull is removed while still alive and the feast begins. During the consumption the monkey screams in excruciating pain and thrashes around desperately trying to escape to no avail. The majority of these people are unable to chew let alone swallow the raw brain. So, is the monkey’s violent cruel death just so they can flaunt their wealth? In some cases, the monkeys are strapped down rendering it virtually immobile. The diners are given a hammer and proceed to hit the monkeys head until it is dead. Then the sever comes with a sharp knife and removes the skull for the consumers to eat. What a terrifying and horrific way to die! Chilled monkey brains are still expensive and readily available throughout China and Vietnam. They believe it improves their libido. Anyone who could hit a defenseless animal in the head with a hammer until it is dead with pure pleasure is a sadist! That is cruel and unusual punishment just for people’s enjoyment. Look we can play this blame game all we want. The true fact is monkeys are being abused all over the globe. In labs, on the streets, in farms, in homes and many other scenarios. Right now, in Cambodia there is a poacher in our area and the hunt is on! Many longtail monkeys are missing. All efforts are being made to tackle this issue and bring a poacher to justice! If you have any information concerning this subject. Please contact
Write by Jodie Ann

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