Why monkeys love to keep Marbles stone in their mouth?

Why monkeys love to keep Marbles stone in their mouth?

At Angkor Park they have many monkeys that live in this big area. Every day the monkeys they come to find food and then after they relax during the relaxing time some of them, they climb up the tree for sleep or grooming their family. But some they stay on the ground for grooming or sleeping especially under the tree or on small stone but most of the monkeys they like to keep marbles stones in their mouths. When they pick up the glossy shiny stone from the ground or finding them from somewhere. We notice that during the time of their relaxation they take out the marble stones that they hide in their food pouches to play with them. The noise making sound when two marbles stones crash into each other inside their mouths making a crispy sound come out and also when they walking too. So, they like to play like this under trees. I will show you the monkey always keeping Marble stone in package of their mouth for play.


1 – Grandma Lucy always keeping marbles stone in her mouths sometime 5 to 6 marbles stone in her food pouches and she keep it to make sound like music in her mouth during she relax and when she play it in the quiet place that don’t have small monkeys or she stay alone because some small monkey will bully to take it from her.

2 – Piper also like to keep marbles stone to play but she not keep much like other old monkey she usually have only two. She keep it in her food pouches.

3 – Princes is like Piper too sometime she keep Marbles stone in her mouth for play but she keep sometime not like grandma Lucy and Mary that keep forever.

4 – Gladdis love to have marbles stone in her mouth and when she walking the sound come, and she like to play it in mouth to make a sound but she not keep it all the time. Sometime we saw and some time we don’t.

5 – Mary is the one of monkey who come to live Carbzilla group during the reign of king Samson she also have many marble stones in her mouth. She like to keep it a lots like Lucy.



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