Why some groups of monkey nearly lost in the Angkor Area?

Why some groups of monkey nearly lost in the Angkor Area?

There are many groups of monkey in the Angkor wat area, but some group are nearly lost from this area, Angkor park is one place that full with trees and temple that built many years ago and in here have varieties of wildlife in the forest and some wildlife are close to the people such as tourist. Since the Angkor Park very popular by tourist come visited every day including native tourist and this area have many people come to live around too. This historical site is under control by Apsara authority for protection, conservation and looking after ancient temple and forest. Today I want to talking about the monkey lost in this site. And this is my idea that I stay here many years and saw what happen to them.

1 – Move monkey to other place or relocated ( Authority of this place did it by reason monkey ruin the temple, scratch tourists, fall down direction sign or savage monkey).

2 – Traffic Jam ( Monkey in the Angkor Park always got accident by motor, car and tuk tuk on the road every years by not yet have sign for slow down this place have monkey or wildlife across. For the monkey in this historical side they always play on the side of the road and sometime when big monkey come to chasing them they run across the street then accident can happen including drive very fast too. For the jungle whose scare people got accident they always run across the street).

3 – Poacher Steal   ( There are many way of poacher steal monkey in this area, They used like traps and car for steal the monkey, the most monkey that they still is start from one years old to 4 years old monkeys. And for the big monkey is some people who that like to drink wine and eat monkey steal them).

4 – Disease   ( this case mostly have happen to females whose old and have babies or have disease and still carry pregnancy, sometime they died after give birth some time lost two mother and baby and sometime lost one) The king monkey they don’t care about female can not have baby for them because they old or have disease for can not give birth but if that can make him most respect by monkey or other monkey he will start mate.

5 Fighting  ( All the monkeys in the forest they have their own group and their own king and also alpha, it not easy for you to release monkey to the jungle alone. If you want to release monkey to the jungle must be aware that they can survive themselves. Some time they will lost their life by other monkey in jungle fighting.

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So this is my idea about why some groups of monkey nearly lost in the Angkor area.


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