Wildlife Photography, Titus Troop Monkeys at Angkor Thom

Wildlife Photography, Titus Troop Monkeys at Angkor Thom:

Titus Troop monkeys live in the forest at Angkor Archaeological Park, in Siem Reap, Cambodia. They come out of the forest close to a temple at Angkor Thom. It is a small troop, but a healthy one.

Anna and Alba are recent favorites, and this troop has only been followed since 2019. The adult monkeys look young, and they are not overweight, like a lot of park monkeys tend to be. Anna is the female alpha monkey of the Titus troop. Alba was born earlier this year, and Anna’s mothering skills turned out to be a bit heavy on discipline. Alba did get enough milk that she was healthy, and growing. Anna did not want her daughter constantly suckling, any more, so she set strict limits. Anna feeds Alba up in the trees, and at night…very little is done on the ground. Alba has become quite independent, and it is probably at least partly due to her mother’s no-nonsense approach to monkey rearing! One day, Alba may be female alpha of the Titus Troop monkeys, so she must be strong!

The Titus Troop monkeys are very enjoyable to watch. They are young, healthy monkeys in the prime of their life, and their group activies, and politics, are quite fascinating. Especially since they are fairly new, because they don’t have the history of much human contact, or feeding, as the other troops do.

Photography by Mr. Sochhun

Written by Cindy Clark

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